“This hunting tradition and the conservation ethic within that tradition covered a lot of ground before it got to us. It passed through the hands of people both humble and great, simple and profound. This legacy did not come to our generation to die. To keep it alive, we must learn the stories, we must appreciate their significance, and we must teach each successive generation how this heritage was delivered into our custody.”
~ Jim Posewitz, Inherit The Hunt

Welcome to Wisconsin’s Hunting Heritage, a podcast dedicated to learning about the hunters, fishermen, and trappers who came before us, those who are preserving that legacy today, and to making sure that we pass it on to the next generation. As Posewitz wrote above, the legacy did not come to our generation t
• The advent of the CDo die.
My name is Noah Wishau. Please join me as I look into the history, present, and the future of hunting in Wisconsin. I hope to cover a wide variety of topics including:
• The impacts of CWD on the deer herd
• The Elk Reintroduction Project
• The future of public lands in the State
• The history of the Pittman-Robertson Act and how its funds are used in the state
• Wolves
• The use of crossbows and the possible use of air bows during the archery season.
• The role of hunting clubs and organizations both large and small.
• The Go Wild systemAC system and how it’s working
• How the DNR works at the state level
• The Endangered Species Act
• Hunting and Public Opinion
• Cooking Wild Game
• Getting young people into hunting and fishing
• The North American System of Wildlife Management
• The Conservation Congress
As you can see from the examples above, I do not intend for this to become a “how to” or a “where to” type of podcast. There are many other resources online and in the podcast realm that are set up to do so. Some are better than others. Anyone who has hunted or fished with me knows that there are better places to seek advice.
Instead, my goal for this podcast is to learn about the issues that I care most about by talking to people who know the most about them. I want to bring these conversations to you. I hope that you will join me.


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