Jim Posewitz

This week Noah speaks with Jim Posewitz.  Jim has written a number of books that lay out the history of the hunting conservation movement in this country.  Every hunter needs to read these and to share them with all of their friends.  They might send a copy to their legislators as well.

Subjects discussed: The status of Wisconsin’s wildlife in the 1940’s and early 50’s; the Packers; That “damned cowboy” becoming president; TR and Gifford Pinchot thumbing their noses at congress and then hitting the road to save us all; Germany, Kyrgyzstan, and Iraq as examples of what we might have become; the beautiful story of the passage of the Pittman Robertson Act; the Sirens calling to Ulysses; and what we risk by not knowing what those who came before us did to make sure that we could enjoy the hunting and fishing.

Check out this episode!

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