The Art of Cooking Game

This week Noah talks with Hank Shaw of  If you haven’t heard of Hank, you really need to do it.  His books NEED to be in every hunter’s kitchen. If you can legally hunt it in the United States, odds are good that Hank has a recipe for you.

Subjects discussed: How Hank is responsible for Noah starting a podcast; coming to hunting as an adult; going to the woods with a grocery list; the difference between game and domestic meats; the power of nostalgia when it comes to how we cook wild game; Hank needing to write Noah a note so he can hunt and fish more; what would Hank do?; who to call if you have an excess of ruffed grouse on your property, and more…

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The Political Life of a Modern Hunter

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In this weeks episode Noah talks with TJ Hauge about the trials and tribulations of being a politically conscious hunter in the modern day and age.  Subjects discussed: Why TJ might get tazed; What hunters are supposed to do when it seems that neither party is 100% with us, TJ taking more notes in preparation for this episode than Noah ever has; Brinkley’s “The Wilderness Warrior” and more… 

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Wisconsin’s Backcountry Hunters and Anglers

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This week Noah speaks with Jeffrey Guerard of Wisconsin’s Backcountry Hunters and Anglers.  Subjects discussed: BHA’s coming to Wisconsin, the group’s focus here, Green Decoys and the people who use that term, representing hunters on social media, walking the fine line of politics as a modern hunter.

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Spring Hearing Special pt.2

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In the second part of our Spring Hearing Special, Noah speaks with Josh Greil of Ten Point Crossbows about the question regarding creating a separate crossbow season.  He then speaks with Justin Vandehey, a fisheries biologist from UW-Stevens Point about some of the fishing questions that are on the ballot including changing the bag limit on the Winnebago System. 

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Spring Hearing Special ’18 pt. 1

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The annual Conservation Congress Spring Hearings are being held April 9th at 7 p.m. in counties across the state.  This week Noah Talks to Larry Bonde the Chair of the Conservation Congress about the organization and how it works.  He then speaks with all around outdoors woman Skye Goode about some of the trapping questions that are on the ballot. Then he talks to TJ Hauge of the Wisconsin Backcountry Hunters and Anglers about a proposal to impose a fee on users of public lands across the state.

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Walleye Wars and Elk Tags

Dylan Jennings of the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission talks with Noah about the rights of the tribes in the Ceded Territory.

Topics discussed: What GLIFWC does; Noah’s tortured telling of the history of the treaties and their effect on hunting and fishing; Walleye spearing and it’s regulations; why the tribes don’t have to use torches and canoes while spearing; how the quota system works; Night hunting for deer; having a warden come out and check your night hunting spot in order to approve it; why it seems that some tribal members can shoot so many deer; the surprisingly low deer harvest by tribal hunters; the upcoming Elk Hunt and why the tribes get half of the tags.

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Talking Wolves with Adrian Wydeven

Adrian Wydeven headed up the wolf recovery program for the DNR for over 20 years.  After retiring, he took a position with the Timber Wolf Alliance with Northland College.  There is probably no one in the state who knows more about these animals, and how they came to be back in Wisconsin.

Subjects discussed: Why Noah held this episode for so long; how wolves came back to Wisconsin; Why people think that they were released back into WI by the DNR; What impact these animals have on the deer population; The long and sordid tale of the wolf’s position on the Endangered Species List; what a proper population goal looks like; the possibility of a future wolf hunt.

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Confession Time

Confession time.

I have no idea how to run a podcast,(which may be self evident for you listeners). I say that, because I’m fairly sure that one thing you are probably not supposed to do is to give free advertising for other shows.  Luckily, I’m not making any money on this show (and am spending money that could be going to other important things like hunting and fishing equipment and trips, presents for my wife to make up for the hunting and fishing equipment and trips, etc…)

The good news is that I am letting you guys know, and taking entirely way too long to get to the point about other podcasts that I think that we should all be listening to because they touch on important topics for the hunting community.  None of these are what I would call “how to”, though some of them do have episodes on those topics as well.

1. MeatEater with Steven Rinella.  If you haven’t heard of Steven Rinella, you absolutely need to look him up.  He is the modern day voice of the hunter/conservation ethic.  I believe that he is the best that we have to offer right now, though I think that the case can be made for the number two on this list. 

2. Hunt Talk Radio with Randy Newberg – Randy Newberg is a little bit more political than Rinella is.  He tends to call people out a bit more, but does a great job laying out the issues.  If these two were based in Wisconsin and covered just Wisconsin topics more often, I would not have started this thing to begin with.

3. Wired to Hunt: While the first two on  this list may have the sense of being western hunters (though both are from the Midwest, and Rinella hunts here on a fairly regular basis), Mark Kenyon’s podcast focuses on whitetail hunting. There is a lot of how to and “hitlist” talk on this show, but he does cover the larger issues as well. 

4. The Hunting Collective with Ben O’Brien — This show just premiered in the beginning of February.  It has a bit more chutzpah than my show does.  O’Brien has an impressive resume that includes being the Hunting Marketing Manager for Yeti as well as past work for Petersen’s, Intermedia and the NRA.  His guest list thus far has been impressive, with Rinella, Ryan Callaghan and Shane Mahoney all making an appearance

5. Conservation Matters with Shane Mahoney — Shane may be Canada’s answer to Jim Posewitz with the exception that his voice is scary as hell. These podcasts come out at irregular intervals, but are worth a listen.

6. BHA Podcast and Blast — The podcast for Backcountry Hunters and Anglers.  They do a good job of covering issues that have to do with public lands and other conservation issues.

7. Joe Rogan Experience — Joe Rogan is a stand up comedian and television personality.  Some may remember him from News Radio or Fear Factor.  Others may know him from is involvement with the UFC.  What some may not know is that Joe has become heavily involved in hunting after being introduced to the sport by Steven Rinella.  Joe’s podcast is one that is worthy of checking on every couple of weeks to see who he has on there.  He has a lot of hunters on there from time to time including Rinella, Cam Haines, Remi Warren, and Wisconsin’s own Doug Duren.


What podcasts do you guys have that you think are worth checking out?


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Paul Smith

“You can have your own opinion, but you can’t have your own facts.”

Paul Smith is the last full time outdoors writer employed by a daily newspaper in Wisconsin.  Subjects discussed: changes in the newspaper industry, changes in the DNR, changes in us as a hunting community, why Noah should learn to avoid social media debates, and how much Paul is charging for interviews…

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